Friday, August 12, 2011

32 weeks and 5 days along!

Today was the first of my weekly fetal monitoring tests and little missy did not want to participate! I was hooked up to machines for over an hour when the test should have taken 20 minutes. The funny part - we still didn't get a good reading after that hour. My stomach was moving around like a water bed and her hard kicks kept knocking the monitor belt out of place. Honestly, this was the most active that she has ever been. As the nurse watched my stomach roll, she just kept saying "oh, my.... oh, my!". And wouldn't you know it, the baby slept through the entire ultrasound which was done immediately after the other test. They even had to jiggle my belly to get her to move to a new position. Silly kid!

After they got her in the right position, they were able to get all of her measurements and she was measuring almost a month ahead of schedule. The ultrasound tech was baffled that I passed my glucose test, because this kid is HUGE! Or not.... After they realized that they entered in the wrong due date (Oct 22nd instead of Oct 2nd), all of the measurements were perfect! She is now in the 57th percentile and is just 2oz shy of being 5lbs. Grow baby, grow!

Here are some pictures from this morning. The first one is a profile picture with her fist next to her chin, and the second picture is her face with that same hand next to the chin.

My next (and probably last) ultrasound will be on Friday, September 9th. I'll be 36 weeks and 5 days along.

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  1. I Love squash! and I Love this posting! I'm so very excited! I almost can't stand it! How in the world am I gonna keep it together?