Friday, September 9, 2011

Growth Ultrasound

Today I am 36 weeks and 5 days, which means that this Sunday Baby H will be 37 weeks and full term! My due date is not until October 2nd, but that's just around the corner (23 days, but whose counting?)! This Sunday she will be fully developed and she will spend the rest of her days in there gaining weight.

So today was a bittersweet appointment for us because it was our very last growth ultrasound, but everything looked perfect, so we couldn't be happier! The heart rate was 150 beats per minute and she weighs approximately 6lbs 9oz. It was definitely harder to figure out what the images were on the ultrasound machine this time around, because baby girl is running out of room and looked pretty squished!

Here's a few pictures from this morning (the ones that I was able to make out).


If you're watching the pregnancy ticker on the side of my blog, the baby/fruit comparison will change on Sunday for the very last time.... The next fruit in line is WATERMELON!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

bumGenius 4.0

Last night I made a trip to the Cotton Babies store and purchased 12 more diapers made by bumGenius! Baby H will have the cutest fluffy butt on the block! Aren't the colors fun?! I have to get a few more diapers to complete our stash, but I can't decided which color(s) I should get more of...

These can be used for any other kids that we may have, which is why we wanted to get some greens and blues. Also, a green bum will look adorable with a pink dress. ;)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Maternity Photo's at 34 Weeks

I've decided that I am really going to miss having this baby bump (and not having to suck in my gut), so Friday night I met up with a photographer friend and he took a few pictures of me. It was SO hot that I literally had sweat *dripping* off of me at the end of this hour session and my hair was drenched. I was a hot mess! But here are some pictures from the first half hour!

Friday, August 12, 2011

32 weeks and 5 days along!

Today was the first of my weekly fetal monitoring tests and little missy did not want to participate! I was hooked up to machines for over an hour when the test should have taken 20 minutes. The funny part - we still didn't get a good reading after that hour. My stomach was moving around like a water bed and her hard kicks kept knocking the monitor belt out of place. Honestly, this was the most active that she has ever been. As the nurse watched my stomach roll, she just kept saying "oh, my.... oh, my!". And wouldn't you know it, the baby slept through the entire ultrasound which was done immediately after the other test. They even had to jiggle my belly to get her to move to a new position. Silly kid!

After they got her in the right position, they were able to get all of her measurements and she was measuring almost a month ahead of schedule. The ultrasound tech was baffled that I passed my glucose test, because this kid is HUGE! Or not.... After they realized that they entered in the wrong due date (Oct 22nd instead of Oct 2nd), all of the measurements were perfect! She is now in the 57th percentile and is just 2oz shy of being 5lbs. Grow baby, grow!

Here are some pictures from this morning. The first one is a profile picture with her fist next to her chin, and the second picture is her face with that same hand next to the chin.

My next (and probably last) ultrasound will be on Friday, September 9th. I'll be 36 weeks and 5 days along.

Friday, July 8, 2011

3D Ultrasound

Today I am 27 weeks 5 days (3rd trimester - yay!) and Baby H is looking good! I had an ultrasound scheduled for today and I went in with my fingers crossed hoping to be in the "special" room with the 3D ultrasound machine... Jackpot! After all of the baby measurements were taken, the Tech gave us a sneak peek at a 3D image. She had a hard time getting one though, because the placenta and her arm was in the way. However, we still got to see a glimpse of her mouth, nose and the inner corners of her eyes. We have decided that she has Andrew's nose and Angelina Jolie's lips - What do you think? Ha, ha!

As for her measurements, she weighs 2 lbs and 9 oz and is in the forty first percentile. The doctor said that this means "she's average", but I disagree.  :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Today's Appointment

Everything went well today and baby girl already weighs 1lb 7oz and her hear rate was 153 beats per minute. We couldn't really get a good profile picture though because she's in the breech position and thought it was a good idea to play peek-a-boo and keep her hands in front of her face. Silly girl! So this is the best shot that we have:

They confirmed that she is still a she - LOL!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Team Pink!

Everyone reading this blog already knows that it's a girl! I just thought I would create a post for those who haven't seen the pictures from our "gender reveal". So here you go: