Thursday, April 14, 2011

Anatomy Scan - Phase One

Today I am 15 weeks 4 days, and Baby H is measuring right on-track! The heart rate is 157 beats per minute, and all major organs are visible. They tried to give us a gender guess but s/he had the umbilical cord between the legs... Bummer!

There isn't much more to report, because today's appointment was perfect! I go back to St. Johns in 4 weeks (May 12th) for the "BIG" anatomy scan and hopefully this little one is more cooperative!

Here's the profile picture from today, with a little hand on the other side of the face waving "Hi"! Pretty darn cute, if you ask me! :)
P.S.  I was told not to wear heels anymore because I'm a weeble-wobble that can fall down. : /


  1. awe! however it doesn't look like a girl anymore...just saying :)

  2. oh and by the way...orange you glad I mentioned that? lol

  3. I love that you don't have much to report b/c everything went perfect! That makes me happy!